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IMATS Sydney 2014 – Shopping Haul and Speaker Series

I look froward to IMATS every year.  Last year, I thought I could get away with not going to IMATS but I regretted the minute that Saturday came around.  To be honest, I was a little bit disappointed with IMATS.  I thought there would be more speakers and more stalls to shop at.  It was still a good time all the same!  Let me share my shopping haul and some of the tips the speakers shared.


IMATS Sydney 2014

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New Haircut!

So… before the Lunar New Year rolled around the corner, I had to do the traditional thing and go for a haircut.   Apparently, it is bad luck to cut your hair during the Chinese New Year period and this period runs for 14+ days.  I was due for a haircut about a month and a half ago but I keep coming up with excuses or just forgetting about it.  Before my haircut, the length of my hair was up to my waist!!!  Plus, it took an extra 10 minutes to dry my hair!  Oh, the horror! (insert hash tag #firstworldproblems here).

Anyway, NO MORE DELAYS!  I booked myself at Artis Sydney at Bridge Street, Sydney CBD for a haircut and here is my new look, blow-dried straight.   I did ask for a straight look and then regretted it since it was a little too straight for my liking.  However, I previously asked for a volumizing blow-dry and it was the most fantastic blowdry ever!  A good blow-dry can really make one feel fabulous and I certainly did feel fabulous.

So, I told my hairstylist what I wanted – length, volume and a particular set of bangs.

I love my new hairstyle.  I wake up with voluminous hair and I did not even have to style it because it looks great.  Of course, if I want some more oomph, i just give my hair a 2 minute blow-dry in the morning.



Oh, the most important thing…my hairstylist’s name – Lisa McGinn.  Thanks Lisa, I love my haircut! 😉

Stay Beautiful!!

xx Sam

Call Out!! Looking for models for Hair and Makeup

Call Out


Beauty Savior is looking for models (professional or not!) to do Hair and Makeup!   As I’m located in Sydney, Australia, I’ll only be able to provide these services for those located near me.   I will be taking before and after photos and using it on social media sites.  Models can request for a particular look or you can leave it up to my capable hands!

If interested, please contact me at beautysavior@gmail.com

Stay Beautiful!!

xx Sam

Sydney International Spa & Beauty Expo – 25 & 26 August 2013

Who is this expo for?   Pretty much anyone in the beauty industry: spa technicians, beauty technician, make-up artist, beauty bloggers.  The expo hosts all sorts of brands for waxing, nails, make-up, skin care and is held on Sunday 25th August and Monday 26th August.  Its main target audience is spa/beauty technicians who own their own boutique.

There was definitely a lot to see at the expo but I was drawn towards the nail polish stores, hair stores and make-up stores.   I think I bought almost 10 years worth of nail polish.  (Yes, you will see plenty of Monday Manicures – hope you’re looking forward to it!)  There was also a make-up competition called the Face 2 Face Makeup Awards.  It was very interesting to view the different make-up looks.

To see the pictures from the expo, click here!

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Short post today!  Hope you did something great over the weekend to celebrate the spring weather!

Stay Beautiful!!

xx Sam

Fundraiser!!!! Kiss Goodbye to MS (Multiple Sclerosis)

MS = Multiple Sclerosis.  What is that?

You can wiki it to find more information but in short, here’s my explanation, as simple as possible.

The body sends signals to your brain and vice versa.  So, when you want to hold a cup, your brain will tell your hand to reach towards the cup and close your fingers on to it.  Another example is when you feel pain, the feeling is sent to your brain so you are able to react.  These messages are sent to and from the brain as electrical impulses/signals through cells called neurons.  They act like electrical cables.  Below is a pic of a neuron.  In the neuron, the electrical impulse/signal will travel through it via the axon.  The Myelin Sheath protects the axon, and the electrical impulse/signal gets sent through without a problem.  Much so like a normal electrical cable, electricity passes through the cables and electrical cables are usually insulated to prevent the electricity from “escaping”.

Pic taken from wiki
Pic taken from wiki

Multiple Sclerosis is when the Myelin Sheaths are destroyed by your very own immune system.  Multiple Sclerosis refers to scars particularly in the white matter of the brain and spinal cord, which is mainly composed of myelin (taken from Wiki).  This means that the electrical impulses/signals will not get sent, making you lose senses and/or the ability to move (this includes swallowing, breathing, moving etc).  Of course, all this depends on the severity.

There is currently no known cure or no known cause to Multiple Sclerosis.  Kiss Goodbye to MS is a fundraiser to be able to run vital research for a cure and to provide services to people living with the disease.  The campaign is promoted in the month of May but since I’m always late to catch on, I’ve decided to do it for the month of June.  So, the fundraisers’ motto is to “Wear, Share, Dare Red”.  Wear a red lippy, dare to be extreme.

So, here I am, raising money.  To help with the cause, I will provide make-up services for donations (of course, the service will have to be within my capabilities)!  All donations will be made directly to the organization, so please do not send funds directly to me.  (You will also receive a tax deductible receipt for donations over AUD$2, for Australian Residents).  If you like, you can still make a donation without getting the make-up service! All donations welcomed!

Kiss Goodbye to MS


Please feel free to contact me for more information on the make-up service at beautysavior@gmail.com

Stay Beautiful!!

xx Sam