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Klara Cosmetics Kiss Proof Lips

I’ve always had problems with bright and dark lipsticks.  You gotta remember to bring it with you because you’ve got that problem of re-applying after eating or kissing your significant other.  One thing I so want to avoid is leaving a “kiss mark” on someone.  I always have to wipe it off whoever I kiss! Oh, the scandal!! (#firstworldproblems)


Now, here’s a product that claims to be kissproof and long lasting.  Klara Cosmetics Kiss Proof Lips claims to give 24 hour long lasting matte lips, full coverage and high pigmentation.  There are 11 colours in this range.  The colour I was gifted was 09, which is a pinky red colour called “Watermelon Kiss”.  The applicator is a fuzzy tip which is fairly flexible.  It was extremely hard for me to use because the tip bends too much, so it was difficult for me to apply a straight line on the lip.  Well, thank goodness it broke off in the bottle  Yes, the applicator broke off when I was opening it.  AND IT WAS ONLY THE 4TH OR 5TH TIME I opened it!!!!! Now..I’ll have to figure out how to get the most of the product by trying to tip it out.


On another note, let’s talk about the product itself.  The pigmentation is fantastic!  It really delivers the pop of colour that it claims.  It is smooth to apply on the lips and dried very quickly to a matte finish.  You will have to fix any mistakes quickly!  Once it’s dried, it definitely is kiss proof!  There was no transfer whatsoever.  However, the long lasting colour did not last past lunch.  Majority of the lip colour was still there but some of it was completely gone.  I did try to eat as carefully as possible.  It also lost its kiss-proof ability.  There was a little bit of transfer when I dabbed my lips (or kissed someone) and the colour started smudging on my lips.  It could be the oil from the food.


Picture time!

 Klara Cosmetics Kiss Proof Lips

Klara Cosmetics Kiss Proof Lips

Klara Cosmetics Kiss Proof Lips


The product is fantastic, providing great colour and long lasting lips.  Just remember to remove any oil from your lips before re-applying.  Klara Cosmetics has mentioned that there was a default in the packaging, so hopefully, your applicator does not break off!



Where to buy:

Klara Cosmetics website or here are some of the stockist (there are over 80):

Simply Shine, Tamworth 2340
Misty Hair, Botany NSW 2019
E’Clipse Hair By Emily, Ballina 2478
Exceptional Body Care, Scone 2337
La Petite. Griffith , 2680
Lovely Locks Hair and Beauty, Port Macquarie, 2444
Have you tried any long lasting lipsticks that you loved?
Stay Beautiful!!
xx Sam
**Disclaimer:  Product sample was sent to me.  Due to default in packaging, Klara Cosmetics sent a replacement, which is not photographed here.


Handy Tip – Smudging Newly Painted Nails???

Isn’t it extremely frustrating after taking hours to paint your nails and it smudges!!!  Well, here’s a few handy tips:

  • When painting the base coat and the first coat, paint just a thin layer.  You don’t have to be so generous on the 1st coat of nail polish or base coat because any streaking is not going to be seen!
  • Be patient when painting between coats.  I don’t usually wait until each coat is completely 100% dry but just dry enough!  Think of it this way, if  you lather on the 2nd or 3rd coat before the bottom coat is almost dry, this means the bottom coat is not as exposed to air and would take even longer to dry.
  • When you are done painting (top coat all painted), you can use dry drops (Sally Hansen, OPI and Zoya are a few brands who sell it) to help with the drying time.
  • (I just found this tip! p.s I have not tried it out yet) After painting your nails, drop one or two drops of oil onto the nail and cover with cling wrap until it’s nice and dry! You can use any oil, but I think olive oil would be best! This would work better with toe nails than fingernails because you could get away with cling wrap in your shoes than walking around with cling wrap on your fingers!

Do you think these tips will help with prevention of smudging your nails?  Excited to try these tips?  Do you know more tips? Let me know!

Stay Beautiful!!

xx Sam