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Nail of the Day – Essie Lilacism

Here is another pastel nail colour!  Essie Lilacism is a purple pastel nail polish.

A few weeks ago, I reviewed a pastel pink nail polish.   This purple pastel nail polish is from the same set, the Essie Spring Set Collection 2010.  I personally prefer this colour as compared to the pink.

This nail polish can be a bit streaky when applied and I had to apply about 3 coats.  The brush is a normal applicator brush.  As with the other nail colour, this nail colour also had beads in the bottle to help with the mixing. (yay for little beads!).  This nail colour lasted one whole week on my nails without chipping when applied Essie’s 3-way glaze as the base coat and top coat.


I love this nail colour but my friends preferred the pastel pink colour.   This nail polish was quite streaky and you have to be quite patient when applying it.


AUD $18.95 for 15ml

Where to buy:

Myer, online

Would you buy this colour?

Stay Beautiful!!

xx Sam