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NOTD – New Year Nails

HAPPY 2016 all!!!  Sorry I’ve been MIA lately.  The 2nd half of 2015 was rough for me.  I was dealing (and still dealing) with some of the side effects of taking Roaccutane.  That’s a post of its own and I’ve been taking awhile to write it since it strikes such a raw nerve.  Anyway, new year, new things!  Everyone has been showcasing their looks to welcome in 2016.  I thought I’d do my share of New Year nails too, with Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel.


Sally Hansen Miracle Gel
Sally Hansen Miracle Gel


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Nail of the Day – Colour Theory Pink Pearlesque

O.M.G… SPRING IS FINALLY HERE!  and what does that mean? flowers, pastels, weddings!  Colour Theory has come out with a new range called Powder Pastels.  A few colours from this range was sent to me for consideration.  Today’s colour that I have on my nails is Colour Theory’s Pink Pearlesque.


Colour Theory Pastels


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Beauty Theory Nail Polish Remover Pot

Nail polish remover.  There are so many nail polish removers out there.  Each serve a slightly different purpose to the other.  However, they all come in a bottle that you’ll have to tip onto a cotton pad to remove your nail polish.  Nowadays, I’ve seen a new way nail polish comes in.  Beauty Theory Nail Polish Remover comes in this new form.

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