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See ya later 2014 (with a NYE makeup look!)

Hope everyone had an excellent Christmas!  I was planning to do some volunteer work on Christmas day since I don’t have any family here with me but I don’t think I was looking hard enough since I could not seem to find anything!  If you guys know anything about volunteer work on Christmas day, do let me know!  It’s on my to-do list for next year!  Speaking about next year, that’s in a couple of days!  Are you excited???

Goodbye 2014

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1 product, several ways – Mascara

Two Fridays ago, I embarked on a challenge.  A challenge I set for myself to use one product in several ways.  The first one was easy – I used pigments for my eyes, cheeks and lips.  The second one, I used creams , also on my eyes, cheeks and lips.  This week’s challenge was slightly more challenging since the only colour mascara I had was black.  Read on to see what I managed to create.

Mascara challenge

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Halloween Idea – Charlie’s Angels Full Throttle

Last weekend, guess what was showing on tv?  That’s right, Charlie’s Angels Full Throttle!  However did you guess??  Who doesn’t love crime fighting, ass kicking hot female characters!  I love this movie because, from a make-up perspective, the Angels had so many looks – from natural to crazy disguises.  For today’s post, at first I thought of doing the look of one of the Charlie’s Angels… read on to see who I dressed up as.


Pic taken from Google
Pic taken from Google

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Halloween Idea – Geisha

This week’s inspiration is from Memoirs of a Geisha.  What I loved about this movie is about how one girl tries her hardest to survive and be with the man she loves.  Although I’m not all for throwing yourself at a man, I did admire her passion and determination.   I present to you this week’s Halloween Look – makeup for a geisha.


Memoirs of a Geisha


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