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How I prep and wear my hair for a Long Haul Flight

Going on a long-haul plane ride??  One thing I worry about (besides many other things) is.. my hair!!  I’ve got long hair and omg.. it gets so messy and frizzy when I go on a long-haul flight.


Here’s what I do to prep my hair.  Firstly, wash.  My scalp gets really oily if I don’t wash it and when it’s too oily, I don’t feel fresh.  If you’re going on a 12-24 hour travel, feeling fresh is key (for me, at least).  After washing, I condition my hair like there’s no tomorrow.  I only condition my hair from the middle of the hair length downwards to avoid my scalp being too oily.


Products for Long Haul Flight


After washing, I let my hair air dry.  While it’s air-drying, I add a little bit of serum, again, starting from the middle of the hair length downwards.  At this point, you can choose to braid your hair from the crown so that there are little to no fly-aways.  I usually wait till my hair is dry before braiding because my momma always taught me to have dry hair before tying it up or going to sleep – might be an old wives’ tale.


Here’s a few photos of how I did my hair for my recent trip.  I pinned my fringe to the top of my head to avoid it coming loose when I toss and turn in my airplane seat.  The key is to getting the braid as tight as possible to avoid it coming loose.


Braided Updo for Long Haul Flights

Braided Updo for Long Haul Flights


Braided Updo for Long Haul Flights

Guaranteed to have no frizziness and I don’t have to re-do my hair at all during my travel.  It also has great waves once you release your braids when you reach your destination.


Party ready?  I think so!


Stay Beautiful!!

xx Sam


P.S.  looks a bit like Lara Croft’s braid, don’t you think so?


FOTD: Purple Smokey Eye for Monolids

You probably saw my hairstyle I did for the wedding I recently went to.  (If you haven’t, CLICK ME!)  Here’s the make-up I wore with the hairstyle: Purple Smokey Eye.  I know, I know, everyone’s sick of the smoke eye now.  But I still love it.

I decided to match my eye shadow to my dress.  Here is a picture of the colour of my dress:

Colour of my dress

There are some people who say it’s a big no-no and there are some others who say, yes-yes.  Here’s what I think: if it doesn’t hurt anyone, do what makes you happy.  I decided to do some matchy-matchy because other than the bottom part of my dress, I was wearing all black (accessories & clutch & shoes & jacket).  Wanted more pa-zazzz!

Here’s what I used for my eye:

items used for purple smokey eye


1. Prime your eyelids with a primer.  Any primer will do but I used the Urban Decay Primer Potion in Eden.  I put a tiny dot and rub it gently over the entire eyelid and slightly on the bottom eyelid.

Prime eyelids

2. Use one side (Side1) of your big flat eyeshadow brush and dab on some dark shimmery purple colour on the outer half of your eyelids.  Don’t have to be too careful at this point but make sure you do not place the colour out of the corner of your eye.

Dark purple eyeshadow

3. Using the tip of this brush, place some eyeshadow on the bottom outer half of your eyelid, just outside your waterline.

Eyeshadow on the bottom eyelid

4. Use the other side (Side2) of your big flat eyeshadow brush and place some light shimmery purple colour on the inner half of your eyelid.

Light Purple Eyeshadow

5. Using the tip again (make sure you just brush the tip of your brush on a tissue to remove some colour), place some eyeshadow on the bottom inner half of your eyelid, just outside your waterline.

6. Slightly blend the two colours on the bottom of your eyelid so they merge seamlessly.

7. Using Side1, blend the dark into the light.  Remember to bring dark into light.  Use light strokes, barely touching the skin.

8. Now using a slightly smaller brush (I used a pencil brush or you can use the same brush as above), take some black eyeshadow on the tip and drag from the corner of your eyelid slightly upwards (follow the natural shape).  No eyeshadow should go past this “line”.

Black Eyeshadow

9. Blend this black eyeshadow into your dark purple eyeshadow. (Remember, dark to light)

Blend black eyeshadow

10. Using the tip of the brush, place a little bit of black eyeshadow on the outer one third of your bottom eyelid, outside your waterline.

11. Use your fluffy brush and work the top of all 3 eyeshadows into each other.  Keep blending until they merge into each other seamlessly.

Blend all 3 colours

12. Line your upper eyelid with a black waterproof pencil eyeliner.  I used a pencil eyeliner in this case as I did not want such a harsh line.

Eyeliner on the top lid

13. Line the bottom outer third of your waterline with the black pencil eyeliner.

Eyeliner bottom lid

14. You can curl your eyelashes at this point and put on some mascara.  I skipped this step as I haven’t found/bought the mascara that’s good for me.

Purple Smokey FOTD
This picture was taken after the party, make-up still intact!

Don’t let the make-up deceive you.  My face is still full of  scars from acne.  Check back next week for a post on how I wore my foundation!

That’s it!! easy? You can use the same steps with any eyeshadow colour.  Just need a light, medium and dark.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Stay Beautiful!!

xx Sam

Hair of the Day: Formal Twirly Bun

Another wedding to attend = another formal up-do. I decided to do an easy bun this time around because I was short on time. This bun is extremely easy to do. You just need to master the art of pinning to avoid your twirls from falling out.


Sorry for the dodgy picture, it was taken in the car cuz I forgot to take one once I was done.

Time allocated: 10 min – 30 min (depending on if you would like to curl your hair)

Hair length: Medium to Long

Equipment needed:

  • Fine tooth hair comb
  • Bobby pins
  • Hair elastic
  • Hairspray
  • Heat Protectant spray (only if you are curling your hair)
  • Hair curler (only if you are curling your hair)


1. Spray some heat protectant in your hair and randomly curl your hair in 1-2 inch sections (messy is fine).  This step is optional. I did this because my hair is fine and can be extremely stick-straight. Curling creates texture in your hair which will make your bun voluminous. This took me about 20 minutes.
2. Tease the hair at the crown of your head. I did this in 2 2-inch sections (1st section is the first 2-inches of hair from your forehead and the 2nd section is behind the first section). I sprayed hairspray before teasing as my hair can be very stubborn and does not hold a tease. Remember to tease the back only as you want the front to be smooth. To determine the crown of your head, just place your hand on top of your head.
3. Now, place your thumbs on the top of your ears and drag it to the middle at the back of your head, moving slightly upwards as you do. You now gather your hair and twist it in on direction for a few rounds (in my case, because it’s easier, I twisted it in a clockwise direction). Pin in place. Don’t press down on your teased section as you want that volume up top!
4. Next, gather the remainder of your hair and tie it up slightly higher than the nape of your neck. (nape of your neck is at the top of your neck where your hair stops growing). Make sure it’s not too tight.
5. Twist your ponytail in one direction once or twice and press against your head just below where you pinned your first twirl. Pin in place. Since my hair was already curled, this created texture and also made it easier for the twirls to form when I pressed it against my head.
6. To smooth flyaways, spray some hairspray onto your hair comb and lightly brush the flyaways onto the remainder of your hair. This will definitely make your hairstyle look very neat.

Make sure to be sparing with the bobby pins as you don’t want your twirly bun to fall out as you are dancing on
the dancefloor!

The pictures below were taken after the event.

Formal Twirly Bun

Formal Twirly Bun

Formal Twirly Bun

Apologies for the little bit sticking out, my hair snagged on my jewellery as I was removing it.  There is also a lot of flyaways at the end of the night because I was wearing hats and headpieces for the awesome photobooth at the event.

What do you think of this hairstyle?

Stay Beautiful!!

xx Sam

Not another Eyebrow Tutorial..

Eyebrow tutorial??? NOT ANOTHER ONE!!!

Don’t worry, this post won’t be about how to do your eyebrows.  There are plenty of YouTube videos out there that do eyebrow tutorials.  Today’s post will be how to fix a mistake when you are trying to get your perfect eyebrow.

Here are 3 ways I use:

1. Fingers

BeautySavior Fingers

When do you use your fingers?  When you are drawing your perfect eyebrows and your boyfriend/husband/kid pops out of nowhere and scares the hell out of you, causing you to draw a nice long line across your forehead. Or even when you draw the end (tail) part of your eyebrows and realize that one side is slanting a lot lower/higher than the other side (this applies to me because  I’m missing eyebrow hairs on the end part of my eyebrow!)  In those cases, I usually use my fingers to wipe off the wonky line.  Remember to be careful if you have already put on your foundation and have powdered your face.  This usually only works for me when the line is not too harsh or “hard”.

2. Q-Tips/Cotton buds/Cotton Swabs

Cotton Buds

When do you use cotton buds/swabs? When you accidentally go out of your “perfect” eyebrow shape but just a little or when your out-of-whack line is too harsh/hard (meaning it’s really dark and hard to remove).  If the line you drew is just slightly out of place, a cotton swab is the best because the tip is tiny enough to remove the tiny mistake (unlike your fingers which does not tend to be so precise and you might end up wiping away more than you intend).  When the line is too harsh,  the cotton bud can take away the product instead of smudging it everywhere.  If the mistake is too hard to remove with 1 or 2 sweeps, dip your cotton bud into a little (VERY little) moisturizer and try again.  This should easily remove the harsh line.  You can then use the other side of the cotton bud to touch up your foundation again.  Easy?  I think so.  With this method, remember to be patient and gentle or you can end up taking away more than you intend to (even removing your foundation around the area).  I don’t use make-up remover as it smudges the foundation too much and makes it hard to reapply the foundation.

3. Disposable Mascara Wands/ Clean mascara wand

Disposable Mascara Wands

When do you use a mascara wand?  Do you notice that sometimes, when you are perfecting your eyebrows, you lean into the mirror and when you pull away from the mirror you realize you’ve gone too dark and all that stands out from your face is not your lovely eye shadow or lip colour but your EYEBROWS???  You see nothing else on your face but your eyebrows??  Here is when the mascara wand comes into handy.  Use your mascara wand to brush out some of the product.  With the first 2/3 of your eyebrow (up to the arch), use your wand to brush up AND out, towards your ears.  With the last 1/3 (after the arch, at the tail part of your eyebrow), brush your wand down AND out.  Keep doing that until you’ve removed enough product.  Trust me, I do this all the time and it works like a charm.  Also, it helps make the eyebrows look more natural rather than a block of colour.  Remember to use light handed strokes or you might take off too much too quickly and have to end up putting more product back on.

Do you make a boo-boo when you try to get your perfect eyebrows?  I sure do!  Hope this post helps you!

Stay Beautiful!!

xx Sam

FOTD – All Glammed up using a little bit of red eyeshadow

Hello there!

Just thought I would do a FOTD (my first of hopefully many, only if you guys like it, of course).  Unfortunately, my camera did not give the make-up much justice.. 🙁 LOL! and neither did my orange shirt!

Red Smokey Eye - FOTD

Red Smokey Eye - FOTD

Here’s a list of items I used:


– Make up Forever HD Foundation #140

Time Balm Concealer in Medium

– Blush in Mehron Rosewood (dark red with blue undertone)


– Inglot Red Eyeshadow in 50

– Inglot Black Eyeshadow in 391

– Inglot Pink shimmer Eyeshadow in 397

– Chanel Eyeliner in Black (61) (Le Crayon Kohl Intense Eye Pencil)

– Benefit High Brow Glow

– Eyelashes and eye lash glue


– Chanel Rouge Allure Laque in 707 (pinkish colour with shimmer)


Babyliss Pro Ceramic Curling Iron 19mm

– L’Oreal Elnett Satin Hairspray in Supreme Hold

What do you think of my first FOTD (Face Of The Day)?  Do you want to see a blog post on how I achieved this look?

Stay Beautiful!!

xx Sam