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NOTD – New Year Nails

HAPPY 2016 all!!!  Sorry I’ve been MIA lately.  The 2nd half of 2015 was rough for me.  I was dealing (and still dealing) with some of the side effects of taking Roaccutane.  That’s a post of its own and I’ve been taking awhile to write it since it strikes such a raw nerve.  Anyway, new year, new things!  Everyone has been showcasing their looks to welcome in 2016.  I thought I’d do my share of New Year nails too, with Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel.


Sally Hansen Miracle Gel
Sally Hansen Miracle Gel


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Nail of the Day – Zoya Cynthia


Christmas is around the corner, so I decided to get into the festive spirit and paint my nails a festive green and gold!  I had this green nail polish sitting in my cupboard waiting to be reviewed.

As usual, Zoya nail polishes come with little beads in the bottle to help shake up the nail polish.  This nail polish, Zoya Cynthia, comes with a standard brush.  The formula is smooth and easy to apply (same consistency as the Zoya Burke).    There was quite a bit of streaking in the first coat and the colour was a medium green.  The thicker/more you apply, the darker the colour.  This makes it hard to control if you just want 1 coat for a lighter colour.  I can say for certain that what you see in the bottle is what you get on your nails after 2 coats.  It’s a very dark green colour.  From afar, it does look black.  I’ve had a few comments that the colour on my nails are black and that I looked  emo (lol! not exactly festive!)

Here are some pictures:

Zoya Cynthia

OPI Rumba Romance

Above: Tipped the nails with “Gold Trimmings”.  Nail polish by OPI Rumba Romance

Zoya Cynthia

(sorry for the bad pic and bad nails.. had really shaky hands that day!)

Zoya Cynthia


So far, I’ve tried 2 Zoya nail polishes.  I really love the consistency of the nail polish.  It is easy to apply.  This colour is a bit too dark for my festive nails.  I might use it for some other theme.


USD $8.00 (US website) or AUD$ 9.50 (AU Website)

Where to buy:

You can google it and quite a few online stores pop up.

Have you tried painting your nails to suit the Christmas mood?

Stay Beautiful!!

xx Sam