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The wonders of a Structured Blazer


Today’s post is not really about beauty but what the heck.. what’s wrong with sharing a bit of love?   Anyway, I was window shopping the other day and I came across a Structured Blazer at Forever New and the best part.. IT WAS ON SALE!!  $20 off!!

I don’t have a blazer (work suits don’t count) and took this opportunity to buy one.  The fit was perfect, except maybe for the chest area (I’m not very well gifted in that area) but it is not noticeable when the blazer is left open.  I have got short arms and with this blazer, there was no alterations needed for the sleeves. Score!  The blazer is indeed AUD$59.99.  Just a few details about this blazer, it’s got a hidden zip opening on the sleeves and the material is slightly stretchy which makes it more comfortable than a work suit.

I hear a lot of people saying a blazer should be a “staple” in your wardrobe.  After getting one, I now understand why..

Blazer from Forever New

All I added in the above pic was a ring, a clutch, heels and the blazer

Blazer from Forever New

All I added here was a ring, heels and the blazer

Mika Ponti Blazer from Forever New

I am loving my new blazer!!!  Are you going to get one now?


On sale for AUD$59.99 (AUD$20 off)

Where to buy:

Online or at Forever New shops

Stay Beautiful!!

xx Sam

Deep Cleaning your hair brush

Hello Hello!!

I decided to clean some of my junk recently and came across my hair brush, hidden somewhere…

OMG!!!!  I used this hair brush????

OMG Dirty hair brush!

So after all the “Ewws” and photo taking..here’s how I cleaned it.

1. I first took the back part of my rat-tail comb to loosen the hair from the comb and pull out the tangled hair.

Rat tail comb to loosen the hair

2. I then used the comb to rake out most of the stuff stuck between the bristles of my hair brush.

Combing out the junk

3. Here comes the cheap toothbrush from the dollar store (I got mine for 25cents!) with some baby shampoo to scrub out any leftovers left in the comb.  I used warm/hot water with this.

Brushing the leftovers

4. TA-DA!!!  Squeaky clean and looking all brand new!


It only took me about 15 minutes to clean it and I didn’t have to throw it out!

Let me leave you with a lovely picture.. DUST BUNNY GALORE!!!  All this from my hair brush!!!!

Dust bunny from my hair brush!

Did you ever let your hair brush become this dirty??  I promise you, I’m not that disgusting..

Stay beautiful!!

xx Sam

Clearing out my “station”


So,  I finally decided to do a little clean for my “station”.  This area is where I get ready every day when going to work.  It just has the basics: toner, moisturizer, sunblock, primer, foundation, setting powder and make-up bag.

Over the year or two, I have been using a lot of products and also collecting a few samples. (Samples are great for trying out new products to see if it’s okay for my sensitive/acne prone skin.)  I have a really bad habit of leaving used bottles around once I’m done with them, thinking I can use the bottles from some purpose.  I also have a bad habit of leaving products that I don’t particularly like just sitting there in hopes I will use it slowly.  Is this called hoarding??  As time goes on,I just accumulate so much stuff!  And then…stuff falls off the shelves in my little area!!

My work station..before the clean


My Junk in a box

All my junk… will have to properly sort this out.. soon..


My Proactiv stuff which I will be giving away to someone who needs it..

My work station.. after the clean

After my little clean.. much better, maybe?

Just a little tip.. if something smells “off” or have lost it’s original texture, chuck it out!  You would not want to put that on your skin and get any sort of skin reactions!!

Did you do a spring clean lately?

Stay Beautiful!!

xx Sam

Klorane Gentle Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk


Another hair product for review!

I am a frequent hair washer, meaning, I wash my hair everyday.  I cannot go without washing my hair.  My hair gets really oily and feels dirty (plus, I don’t like the look).  The bad thing about washing your hair everyday is that you can tend to dry it out.  Here comes the Hair Shampoo.  This product is meant to clean your hair without water!  What a wonderful invention!  (especially if you’re going camping or sharing 2 bathrooms with 15 girls for a hen’s night)

Klorane Gentle Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk comes in a hairspray-like can.  It sprays cooling white powder and has a very distinct floral scent.  This product is extremely easy to use.  I split my hair and spray along the roots and repeat.  I also do this along the back of my head.  As per instructions, I then let it sit in my hair for 2 minutes while the white powder absorbs the oils from my hair.  The wonderful thing about this product is the scent.  For the purpose of testing this product, I did not wash my hair for 2 days and my hair had a weird smell.  The scent from this product took away the smell!  After letting the product sit in my hair for 2 minutes, I then brushed it out.

Here is where you have to be careful you’re not wearing black.  The talc-like product brushed out of my hair and sat on my clothes.  When brushing it off my pants lightly, the powder came off without a problem.  However, when I brushed the powder off with the hand which was also touching my hair, it left a powder mark on my pants.  You do have to brush your hair quite a bit to ensure all the fine powder is removed.  At the end of brushing, my hair is no longer oily!  Hooray!  Although so, my hair felt a little bit powdery/matte and when scratching my scalp, I could easily scratch the fine powder and the leftover dirt on my scalp.  Because my hair feels a bit matte, this is excellent for styling as it had more texture!  Also, my hair now had more volume!

Without further a-do, picture time!

Klorane Gentle Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk

Klorane Gentle Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk

Klorane Gentle Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk

Klorane Gentle Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk

Oily hair that has not been washed for 2 days

Above pic: Oily hair that has not been washed for 2 days

Oily hair with dry shampoo

Above pic: Oily hair with dry shampoo

Non-Oily hair after dry shampoo application

Above pic: Not so oily hair after dry shampoo application

Shorts with white marks

Above pic: Shorts with dry shampoo after trying to brush it off with the hand that was touching my hair


I would only use the dry shampoo for styling my hair (and it works great for helping style my hair).  Because I am so used to having my hair washed everyday, any product in my hair would make me feel uncomfortable.


AUD$8.95 for 50ml

Aud$12.95 for 150ml

Where to buy:

Most pharmacies (I bought mine at Priceline)

Have you used dry shampoo before?  Does it tickle your fancy?

Stay Beautiful!!

xx Sam