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Juuuust kidding!!  Well, I have not chopped off my long locks yet.  yet..  The length is almost up to my waist now and the ends have all split.  Plus, I also notice I lose a lot more hair.  I know we’re supposed to lose 100 strands a day but seeing it is just so painful!  I know, I know, I should not be complaining..

Choosing a hairdresser is a big big thing (for me, anyway).  I have not found a hairdresser that I loved yet.  I thought I did but when I went back the 2nd time, he did the exact same haircut and guess what.. his “apprentice”/assistant (different person from my first visit) said the exact same thing: “WOW, love how you cut it so it shapes her head” etc etc.  To be honest, I saw nothing special, but I am no professional.  Now, I’m still looking for a hairdresser who can cut my hair the way I like it…

I’m thinking of cutting some side-swept or wispy bangs, like my new-actress crush, none other than the lovely Rachel McAdams (pictures taken from Google):

Rachel McAdams Wispy bangs

Rachel McAdams Side bangs

What do you think?  Should I do it?

Stay Beautiful!!

xx Sam

Welcome to Beauty Savior!

Ahhh, my first post.. Let’s give a little spill of who I am.

Welcome! I’m Samantha, the author of this website! I am located in Sydney, Australia.

What is Beauty Savior about?


There will be product reviews, shopping website reviews, fashion, make up looks, the occasional spill about food and television shows.  Anything and everything related to beauty!  I mean, how else would you be able to look beautiful if you didn’t eat right and de-stress?  Yes, I call watching television de-stressing.  Some others just call it a waste of time.  😉

All my opinions and reviews are honest and personal.   I am a novice author in this industry and all products are purchased on my own.

Follow me to hear the adventures in my trials and tribulations of the world of beauty…