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4 month update: Acne and the prescriptions

Wow, it’s been 4 months since I’ve been on the prescription acne medication.   My first 2 months were not really great.  It looks like I have some good news since I feel like the skin is improving.  It’s sometimes hard to tell until you compare the pictures, especially since I see myself in the mirror everyday.

So here’s what’s been happening… I’ve finally found the brand of antibiotics and a breakfast routine that does not get me sick from the antibiotics.  I’ve also been eating plenty of yoghurt and drinking probiotic drinks, although not frequently enough, so sometimes I still get tummy upsets.  I’m still suffering from massive dry and peeling lips.  Regardless of the amount of lip balm I put on, my lips and the surrounding area are constantly peeling.   Personally, it can get a little bit unsightly and it’s almost impossible to exfoliate everyday.  And on the occassion where I have eaten something wrong and my allergies on my face flares up, the dry patches of skin seem to linger for an extended amount of time.

Let’s get to the picture comparisons:

Acne 4 month update
Before medication (left), 2 month into medication (middle), 4 month into medication (right)

Sorry for the inconsistent colour of the pic.  I don’t seem to be able to get the setting right to get the same colour hue for my pictures.

What do you think?  On the road to recovery?  The skin looks really bad now, I’m hoping it is from my skin allergies and will heal soon.

Stay Beautiful!!

xx Sam

My Acne and the prescription meds : My first 2 months

So, it’s been a little over 2 months since I visited the dermatologist.  I was prescribed an antibiotic and 2 creams to apply externally.  When I first started taking the prescription meds, my acne started to exponentially clear.  Now, my skin is clearer than before but the clearance has kinda plateaued.  Also, I’m still breaking out a little.  Here’s a brief timeline…

Week one and two:

I was starting to break out a little more than usual.  The breakouts are not the usual deep-under-the-skin spots but more of the little tiny red ones (the ones that are easy to pop! lol!).  I was flaking so much in these initial weeks.  My skin was really dry and it looked like it wanted to flake but did not.  This meant that my make-up did not adhere to my skin properly and the application was extremely patchy looking.

(I was told by a pharmacist that it’s meant to get worse for the first month as the body/skin starts to get used to the medication.  I went to the pharmacist because the doctor did not tell me anything.  She also did not seem friendly enough for me to pick up the phone to ask a simple question.)

The remaining weeks up to today:

I am still having breakouts (maybe about 2-3 zits a week) but it has calmed down a little when compared to before taking the medication.  The skin has gradually cleared up.  However, those really deep spots (the ones that don’t reach the surface) still take quite awhile to go away and sit there for weeks and weeks.  Sensitivity wise, my skin is not as bad as in the initial weeks but I still flake around the more sensitive areas like my nose, mouth, eyes and sometimes around the jawline.

To be honest, I have not been feeling great since taking the prescription meds.  After taking the antibiotics in the morning, I feel extremely nauseous.  Twice, I was about to throw up on the train on the way to work (I had to find a corner and concentrate on my breathing).  Depending on the brand of antibiotics, it’s not too bad when I take food with my antibiotics.  The nauseous feeling does go away after about 2 hours, so it’s not the whole day.  However, I tried one particular generic brand of antibiotics and it just makes me sick THE WHOLE DAY.  Recently, my stomach sometimes throws a fit and just hurts for no reason.  I actually feel extremely miserable taking my prescriptions and question why I’m doing this to myself.

To make sure I still have a healthy tummy environment, I’ve started taking probiotic drinks like Yakult and started eating yoghurt.  Hopefully, this can make my tummy feel better. 

Well, here’s the before and after:

Acne before & after
2 months into the medication. A little bit of improvement? Maybe?

I’ll keep you updated on how I go.. let’s hope it gets better from here!

Stay Beautiful!!

xx Sam

My Experience at the Dermatologist

The first time I saw a dermatologist was when I just started uni.  It was for some massive skin allergy that was leaving weird massive scars everywhere across the top half of my body.  Anyway, I was told that nothing could be done and had to live with it, in a very mean way.  And when I asked about wearing make-up, the dermatologist told me off saying I am still young and should not wear any make-up.  I went away feeling upset because I went there with questions but came out with no answers (plus getting told off and feeling stupid for asking questions is not fun).

So, years after my first experience, I finally built up the courage to go see a dermatologist for my acne.  I’ve been suffering adult on-set acne now for about 2 years and I’ve been wishfully thinking/hoping it will go away by itself.  Unfortunately not.  So… I went to see the dermatologist but it seems I have bad luck with doctors.  I went into the room with all these questions but half my consultation time was spent getting told off for not wanting to use the pill to help my acne (this is the 2nd time I got told off!  What’s up with doctors and the pill??) and that I got all the wrong information from the internet.  Anyway, I was quickly given a prescription and before I could ask all my questions, I got shown the door!!

If you have a doctor who is good to you, don’t let them go!!!!

Well, here’s the current state of my left cheek (before taking the prescription medication):

Acne ridden face

I’ll write another follow-up post to let you know how I’m going.  Have you had a bad experience with doctors?

Stay Beautiful!!

xx Sam