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Skin Allergies

I’ve had allergies ever since I was young!  Asthma, eczema etc etc.  Luckily the asthma went away.  Now, I’m just stuck with eczema (aka dermatitis).  Anything can trigger it – the “wrong” soap, the “wrong” shampoo, the “wrong” food.  Oh… poor me.. LOL!  I joke!  I shamelessly use it as an excuse to buy the good stuff, or rather, more stuff.  Recently, I’ve had a crazy bout of allergic reactions.  It’s been happening weekly, every Friday like clockwork since December.  I tried my hardest to figure it out but caved in to having an allergy test.  This post is about my allergy test and my allergies.


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Mario Badescu Skincare Aloe Vera Toner

Toners are meant to be used after face washing and before application of the moisturizer.  I’ve never really understood the purpose of using a toner until I actually started using it consistently.  Toners are meant to remove whatever gunk that is left on your face after washing/cleansing with a face wash/cleansing oil.  This includes the face wash/cleansing oil remnants.  Today, I’ll be talking about Mario Badescu Skincare Aloe Vera Toner which I’ve been using twice daily for the past month or so.

Mario Badescu Skincare Aloe Vera Toner

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Mario Badescu Control Cream

A few weeks back, I was suffering from an allergy reaction: peeling skin, red and sore spots.  All from eating something wrong.  I took anti-histamines to stop the swelling and the itching (please only do this under recommendations of a doctor) but the red/sore spots and the flaking skin did not go away even after some gentle exfoliation.  I had to use only very gentle exfoliation to get rid of some of the loose flaky skin as the skin was so raw it hurt.

Mario Badescu Control Cream (pic taken from Mario Badescu.com)

I found a product!  Mario Badescu Control Cream.  This cream has been working wonders for me lately.  The flaking skin and the redness from the allergies went away after using this for a few days (3.5 days). This cream also has a slightly soothing feeling.  The texture of the cream is smooth to apply but as I use it more and more, exposing it to air, it starts to get harder to apply.  The texture gets a bit drier and gets a bit more sticky to apply.  The product has a slight smell but this goes away after awhile and does not irritate me at all.

I have gone through this cream quite quickly as I’ve been applying this liberally.  It’s been less than a month since I’ve been using it and I’ve gone through a little more than half of the bottle.


This product did what it claimed to do: treatment for red, rashy, flaky and irritated skin.  I will definitely buy this product again, especially since it is not too pricey!


AUD$26.95 for 14ml

Where to buy:

Kit Cosmetics at Myer

Have you used this product?  What product have you used to help with your sensitive skin?

Stay Beautiful!!

xx Sam

Acne and Allergies – oh no…

I have adult on-set acne.  What happens when you combine it with an allergic reaction which affects the skin on your face? DISASTER!!!

I am currently trying to control my acne using a product that was prescribed by my doctor.  Just the other day, I ate something I was allergic to and lo-and-behold, my face became itchy, red and slightly swollen.  A few hours later, my skin started shedding!!!!  I was shocked at how bad my allergies were affecting my skin, especially since it was just on my face.  I immediately had to take anti-histamines in hopes that this would stop my skin from getting worse.

What does my face look like now?  There are red patches where there are pimples and there are red patches where I have bad allergies.  This means I have red patches on my eyelids,  around my lips, even eyebrows.  Let’s not forget the non-stop shedding around areas where there are really bad allergies like my eyebrows and lips.

I have stopped applying any lotions or acne products and have replaced this with eczema cream.  Have any of you experienced this?  What products did you use to help calm down the skin?

Stay Beautiful!!

xx Sam