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Shopping Haul: Recreate Yourself, ry.com.au

Time for some shopping!  I was gratefully given some store credit from Recreate Yourself, ry.com.au, an online store who sells hair and beauty products.

I’m surprised with the amount of different products on sale!  There are so many different brands from Dermalogica, Napolean Perdis, BabylissPro, Cloud 9, Redken, Pureology and the list goes on.  You can definitely “recreate yourself” with the amount of products on the website.  The website is extremely easy to navigate where you can either search by brands or by product type.  They are currently working on a point system which is great if you are a returning customer!  Also, I noticed that the pricing for majority of the products is cheaper than retail stores.   On top of that, you get 2 samples with every order.

As much as there are pros, there were a few downsides to my shopping experience (I might have just been a little bit unlucky).

  1. Free shipping.  To be eligible for standard domestic delivery, you do have to spend more than AUD$99.  There are other websites that have free domestic express shipping that don’t need you to spend that amount.
  2. The price comparison.  This website allows for price comparisons, however, when I did try, it was slightly difficult/tedious to get the price matched.  It took a week of back-and-forth emails to get them to price match and after all that, I have to call them if I want to add anything to my order!  Personally, it’s difficult for me to make calls during work hours and I am slightly frustrated after a week long of emails (just let me buy my stuff already!).
  3. Payment.  There are 2 payment methods: credit card and BPay.  Personally, I do not like to use my credit card, so I opted BPay (which is like a bill paying system through the bank).  After making my payment, I still got email reminders to pay for my product.  With the first reminder, I contacted the person who helped me with my order.  She mentioned that it will take 24 hours, even though I got the email more than 24 hours after payment.  Few days later, I received another reminder.  There were another few email exchanges and I had to show proof of payment.  After which, finally, they found my payment.  (I’ve been informed after going back to the company that Paypal is an alternative payment option)
  4. Point system.  You get 2 points for every dollar spent; to redeem, it is 200 point for $1.  I spent a little over $120 (inclusive of the store credit).  That means I get 60 points.  That’s not even close to $1 off my next purchase.

So, my order finally came through the post. Shopping haul!

RY shopping haul

RY shopping haul

RY shopping haul

I had a chance to go back to the company and they have gladly on-boarded my comments.  They are now working on the few hiccups I experienced when I was making my order and I’m pretty sure you won’t be experiencing the same thing I did. 🙂

Have you bought any hair/beauty products lately?

Stay Beautiful!!

xx Sam


Store credit of AUD$50 was given to me.  The remainder of the amount above the store credit was topped up on my own.  This review is personally my own and is not biased in any way.

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