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Schwarzkopf Live Colour – Shake it up Colour Foam


Here’s another hair product.  So, the last hair product didn’t work for me and my regrowth is still obvious.  It is now time to re-colour my hair.  This time, I’m going dark, dark brown to be precise.  With hair dyeing, you do have to take turns with darks and lights to ensure there is an even application.  The last time I went light, and went light again, my regrowth was not properly coloured because the regrowth is much darker.

Now, on with the product.  This hair product comes in something similar to a mini Slurpee cup/frozen coke cup, there is a plastic cup with a plastic half round cover.  (Very different compared to other hair dye products!)  Weird though that the cover is only sticky-taped to the cup so that it is kept close.  This product comes in 2 parts, the developer lotion and the colour powder.  It also comes with a set of instructions (in English and Thai), a pair of gloves and a sachet of conditioner.

To get the product ready, it is easy enough to first pour the developer lotion into the cup and then add the colour powder.  You then shake it 40 times and the product magically becomes foam!  Here are the downsides.  Firstly, when I first pour the developer lotion into the cup, there is a strong grape/fruity flavour.  The clear fluid with fruity scent can be very deceiving to the little humans, so be aware and ensure that you do not casually leave this on the table and run to answer the phone (especially since the developer lotion is in a look-a-like cup with pretty colours!).   Another downside would be the shaking.  Even after shaking the cup for more than 40 times over a minute and a half, the colour powder was not totally dissolved.  You also can’t tell if all the powder is dissolved under the foam.  The undissolved powder was very inconvenient for colour application because the colour powder would just stick to the hair and it is impossible to spread the colour.  Also, when the wet powder touches your skin, it is almost impossible to get off!!!!  I’ve got some on my scalp, forehead, ears and back of the neck.  I’ve been scrubbing and scrubbing to get it off but to no avail. 🙁

After leaving the product on for about half hour, I decided to wash it off because I did not want the powder to stain my skin any longer.  I was under the shower for half an hour but the water still did not run clear.   My hair was also extremely matte and disgustingly dry.  The conditioner provided is definitely not enough to get my hair conditioned.   The colour I chose was Dark Espresso (dark brown colour).  I felt that my hair turned out black but maybe with a little brown tinge (you can be the judge of that with the pics below).

Onwards with the piccies!

Schwarzkopf Live Colour Foam

Schwarzkopf Live Colour - Shake it up Colour Foam

Schwarzkopf Live Colour - Shake it up Colour Foam

Schwarzkopf Live Colour - Shake it up Colour Foam

Developer Lotion in the cup

Developer lotion in the cup, looks like Lemonade/Sprite.

Pour, pour, shake!

Pouring the colour powder into the Developer Lotion and shaking the cup vigorously.

My hair before the hair dye

My hair before the application.

During the hair dye application

During the first few minutes of application of product and 20 min later.

Hair after the dye

After dyeing my hair.


I would not buy this product again.  The application was very difficult (as opposed to the ads) and the undissolved powder stained my skin quite a bit.


AUD$12.99 (price varies as there are always discounts from store to store)

Where to buy:

Most pharmacies, Woolworths, Coles.

Have you tried this product?  Was your experience better than mine?

Stay Beautiful!!

xx Sam

3 thoughts on “Schwarzkopf Live Colour – Shake it up Colour Foam”

  • I’ve used your shake it up colour foam a few times now & loved it, but was disappointed the last time as when I went to shake it I noticed it was leaking out the bottom of the cup.

  • Hi, I had the same experience too. Product didn’t mix well, so there were lumps in the mix at the bottom of the cup. After spending 20 mins in the shower, I gave up and thought I could be here all night til the water runs clear. The packet advises to buy 2 packets if your hair is thick and/or shoulder length. That’s just a ploy to get you to buy more – 1 packet would have been enough for my hair. Lastly, my shower is stained from the dye which will only come off with a lot of elbow grease and bleach. I recommend no one buys this poor product.

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