The first product I used for my acne (2nd post of the acne series)

Clinique 3 step system

I had read reviews that this had worked for people. The salesperson was giving me a lot of information on how my skin was oily after going through the fancy little skin definition tool on their counter. She also said that Clinique only made products for sensitive skin and I do have sensitive skin. After giving me her sales pitch for half an hour, I was sold.

On the first 2-3 days, my skin did not react to the wash and moisturizer, although the toner stung my skin every time it was used. In day 4-5, my skin started to dry out rapidly. I thought that this was a good thing because it was starting to dry out the pimples. On day 6, my skin was shedding and the skin was so sensitized that it hurt every time I touch it or put any product on it. This was when I finally had the brains to stop using the product! My skin took roughly about a month or 2 to heal after that. I could not use any other product on my face, not even a simple moisturizer.

I took the products back to the counter and was pleasantly surprised when the lady said I could return it even after using it for 7 days (probably because she saw my red face with skin falling off my face). Sorry, unfortunately I do not have any pictures here.

This 3-step program was not suitable for me. There are other reviews which states that it had worked wonders for them. It all depends on your skin and it is advisable to know what is in the product as well as what you are sensitive to. In Australia, you can go to the doctors and request for a skin prick test. I have not personally done it.

Where to get this:

Myer, David Jones, Amcal Pharmacy (selected few), online

Price (as at 27May2012):

AUD $139 for the 200ml Toner

AUD$155 for the 400ml Toner

Stay Beautiful!!

xx Sam

The start of the adult on-set acne (first post of the acne series)

I have always had clear, combination skin till about 1 year ago when a giant spot appeared on my cheek and refused to go away. That was the start of my adult on-set acne. Each spot took months to heal and left scars and dark spots. As time went on, it got worse and worse (as compared to previously).

I was not aware I had adult on-set acne until my massive spot on my check duplicated. The spots were not the typical pus-filled spots (although there was the occasional ones) but the ones under the skin where it grew bigger and bigger and then happily discoloured the skin. These could not be squeezed out and you just had to ride it out. Some of the spots turned out to be two pimples very close to each other, some even joining at the edges!

Now, the first reaction is to squeeze. Everyone tells you not to squeeze or touch it. I, after a hard lesson learnt, agree. I squeezed and squeezed but the pimple did not give way. I did this every day. The result? A massive hole in my face the size of a crater. So, whatever you do, people…DO NOT SQUEEZE THAT ZIT!! of course, if the pimple is about to bust, I say, Why not? Just make sure your hands are thoroughly sanitized and make sure you wrap your fingers with a clean tissue. There is always germs under the fingernails and the tissue also helps cushion your skin from the sharp edges and pressure of the nail.  And… don’t touch your face unless absolutely necessary!

Below are pictures of my skin, one taken pre-acne (early 2011), the other taken during acne (early 2012).  The picture with the acne does not do the pimpled face any justice but if you look closely, the face is not smooth, slightly discoloured  and the whole face is filled with spots.  Both are taken without makeup.

Keep reading my next posts for more on my acne journey..

Stay beautiful! xx

Face pre-acne (early 2011)

Face during acne (taken March 2012)

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