Lacura Eye Cream

Eye cream is pretty important and the most forgotten skin care step.  I’m reaching the big 3-0 and have now decided to step up my skin care routine, paying particular attention to the eyes since the skin around the eyes are thinner than the rest of the face.  Today, I’m reviewing an eye cream, Lacura Renew Eye Care Anti-wrinkle Q10, I picked up at Aldi along with the Lacura Face Mask.


Lacura Eye Cream

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Lacura Face Mask

There are plenty of face masks out in the market – healing masks, hydration masks, clay masks, etc.  The masks I love to use are the clay masks because it tames my oily skin and draws out my impurities.  I use my clay mask only once a week because of my sensitive skin but I do feel the great effects of a good clay mask.  Today’s review will be on a clay mask purchased from Aldi, Lacura Face Mask.

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Karate competition!

This post isn’t exactly beauty related but it is something I’m proud of.. (like this blog).  Therefore, I thought I should create a short blog post about it!  This post is about something I did over the weekend.  I took part in a karate competition over the weekend.  I haven’t been training over the past couple of years due to a lot of excuses.  This year, I have decided to put those excuses aside and get back into it.  I guess a competition is a way to make a “bang” back into the sport I love!


Apologies for the picture quality as it was taken with my mobile phone!
Apologies for the picture quality as it was taken with my mobile phone!

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Acne Update 1.5 years later…

One step forward, 10 steps back.  That summarizes my acne update! LOL!  One sentence.  In all seriousness, I thought my adult on-set acne was all done and dusted but after more than a year making quarterly visits to the dermatologist, it has made a come-back.  I blame my allergies!  If you haven’t read my last post about my skin allergies, go read it!  Go!

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xx Sam