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Mineral makeup has been becoming more and more popular as there is more demand for makeup since its meant to be better for your skin.  “They” say mineral makeup is better for you.  To be honest, I have never looked too much into it.  Today, however, I thought I should share my review on my first mineral product, atural Mineral Cover Foundation from Nude by Nature, and whether it makes a different.

Nude by Nature


Natural Mineral Cover Foundation that I received during a promotion came with a nice big fluffy brush, the softest I have felt by far.  It was so nice to buff the powder foundation into my face.  The size of the brush also made it extremely easy to cover the large surfaces. although, I did have to take a bit more effort to buff the foundation into my hairline.  The brush is definitely worth getting.


When using this powder foundation, it got a little messy when dipping the brush into the container.  The product itself is beautiful if you have dry to combination skin.  It sits so beautifully on the skin and didn’t feel cakey or heavy at all.  Luckily for me, my skin flips back and forth between dry/combination and oily because of my allergies.  so I got to try this product on my oily skin.  The product felt beautiful on the skin but after an hour, the product felt too oily and gunky on the skin, I had to remove it.


This foundation is surprisingly buildable.  You don’t notice it at first but after buffing it in over and over, it becomes medium to almost full coverage.  Personally, I don’t feel that the mineral aspect of this makes an difference.  There is only a limited range of 5 colours.  The colour that best matched me was Medium.  To apply this product, I put a little product in the cover.  I then swirled the brush in the cover, turned it around and tapped it on the butt to make sure the powder lodges.  I then buffed the product into my skin by swirling it in circular motions on my face.


Picture time!

Nude by Nature

Nude by Nature

Nude by Nature

Nude by Nature
Before (left) and After (Right)

The slight mess made from using this foundation

The slight mess made from using this foundation



This product is great if you have dry/combination skin.  Personally, I would not be repurchasing this product since I have oily skin.


AUD$ 39.95 for 15g

Where to buy:

Major Pharmacies


Do you have a mineral foundation that you love?


Stay Beautiful!!

xx Sam


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