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Lacura Face Mask

Lacura Face Mask

There are plenty of face masks out in the market – healing masks, hydration masks, clay masks, etc.  The masks I love to use are the clay masks because it tames my oily skin and draws out my impurities.  I use my clay mask only once a week because of my sensitive skin but I do feel the great effects of a good clay mask.  Today’s review will be on a clay mask purchased from Aldi, Lacura Face Mask.



I bought this product from Aldi because people were raving about how similar it is to Glam Glow mud masks.  Here’s what I think, it’s nothing like the Glam Glow mud mask.  There are similar ingredients between the two but majority of the ingredients between the 2 products are different.


Unlike the Glam Glow, the Lacura Face Mask does not have the soothing smell or the pumice that helps with exfoliation.  It also does not give my skin that smooth feel.  On top of that, Lacura Face Mask breaks me out!  The morning after using the face mask, I notice that I get a few whiteheads and the nasty ones that live under your skin for a couple of weeks.


Picture time!

Lacura Face Mask
Lacura Face MaskLacura Face Mask



I’m not loving this mask at all.  It’s nothing like the Glam Glow and it breaks me out.  I guess for such a cheap price, you can’t get what Glam Glow gets you!

Where to buy:

Aldi Supermarket


AUD$3.99 for 75ml


Have you tried this mask?  Did you like it?


Stay Beautiful!!

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