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Lacura Eye Cream

Lacura Eye Cream

Eye cream is pretty important and the most forgotten skin care step.  I’m reaching the big 3-0 and have now decided to step up my skin care routine, paying particular attention to the eyes since the skin around the eyes are thinner than the rest of the face.  Today, I’m reviewing an eye cream, Lacura Renew Eye Care Anti-wrinkle Q10, I picked up at Aldi along with the Lacura Face Mask.



The price of this eye cream was what drew me to the purchasing it.  I was looking for an eye cream in the market and thought, no harm trying!  This product has a strong fragrance to it.  I use only a tiny drop of it (see below picture) and it is more than enough to cover both eye areas and enough fragrance to last a good 10 minutes.


The product itself is fairly watery and easy to apply and absorb.  Personally, I do not feel that it does much to hydrate the skin around my eyes or reduce the puffiness/dark circles.


Picture time!

Lacura Eye CreamLacura Eye Cream

Lacura Eye Cream



This is possibly one of the cheapest eye cream I’ve seen in the market.  I haven’t seen much improvement to my eye bags or dark circles and I’ve used this cream day and night for the past month and a half.   I won’t be repurchasing this product as there are probably better products out in the market.

Where to buy:

Aldi Supermarket


AUD$3.99 for 15ml


Which eye cream is your favourite?


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