Karate competition!

This post isn’t exactly beauty related but it is something I’m proud of.. (like this blog).  Therefore, I thought I should create a short blog post about it!  This post is about something I did over the weekend.  I took part in a karate competition over the weekend.  I haven’t been training over the past couple of years due to a lot of excuses.  This year, I have decided to put those excuses aside and get back into it.  I guess a competition is a way to make a “bang” back into the sport I love!


Apologies for the picture quality as it was taken with my mobile phone!
Apologies for the picture quality as it was taken with my mobile phone!


I definitely need more training.  I also definitely need to overcome my inner demons.  I must admit that karate is the best platform for me to do that.  After training at this new place (what we formally call as dojo)  in Sydney CBD, I realized that I was a big fish in a little pond.  Now that I’m in a big pond, it’s time for this tiny tiny fish to grow.  To put another way, it’s time to scale a bigger mountain.  So, let’s get my new journey on its way!  Here’s a vlog of my day:




Although I did not go past the first round and am very disappointed in how far I have let myself slide, I am determined to get back up there and, go higher up than where I was before.  I’m hoping my body doesn’t give in before I achieve my ultimate goal!


Hope you enjoyed the vlog!  Let me know if you are interested in more vlogs because I’ll definitely be continuing on my journey.


Stay Beautiful!!

xx Sam

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