Eyeliner for Monolids

Monolids.  Some people who have monolids despise them and go ahead with plastic surgery to have them changed to double eyelids.  For me, I’m proud to have them.  My eyelashes are a tad bit shorter because of my monolids but nothing a good pair of falsies can’t fix!



Monolids comes in all shapes and forms (surprised?).   Yes, there are different variations of monolids, as with double eyelids.  With my monolids, the edges of my eye tucks under, hence my comment above about my eyelashes becoming shorter.  Well, because of this, eyeliner can be tricky since it does not show at all.


Here are some pictures of how I do my eyeliner for monolids.  I have to line my eyes much thicker than normal.  When I open my eyes, it only barely peaks out.


Eyeliner for Monolids

Eyeliner for Monolids


I hope this gives you ideas on how to line your monolids, if you do have those wonderful monolids!


Stay Beautiful!!
xx Sam

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