Celebrating the trends of 2014 – Brows

We’re well into 2015 now so, 2014 should now be history.  Right?  I wonder if it’s the same for some of the makeup trends.  There were a few trends that stood out in 2014.  In the next couple of weeks, we’ll “celebrate” these trends.  This week I’ll be talking about the eyebrow trends that stood out.


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There were quite a few types of eyebrow trends that we saw in 2014.

1. The Scouse brow

This appeared in quite a few high fashion editorial shoots and fashion runways.  And there’s where it should stay.  I personally do not like the  scouse brow in real life.  It just feels “too much”.  I must admit, though, I was guilty of wearing this out when I first starting doing my eyebrows.  I was too heavy-handed. and my brows stood out like a sore thumb, especially after covering any colour in my face with full coverage foundation.

Scouse Brow


2. The Block brows

Block brows are when the brows are literally a geometry shaped brow.  So, it looks like you drew your brows with a stencil set.  I don’t think I did this one much justice.

Block Brow


3. The Instagram brows.

Everyone seems to love a good looking eyebrow on pictures but imagine wearing these eyebrows out.  Maybe I’m not used to it.  Eyebrows are generally darker on the inside and it fades as it goes outwards.  Instagram eyebrows fade the other way.  It is also very perfect with clean lines, especially at the arch.

Instagram Brow


So, which eyebrow trend were you rocking in 2014?


Stay Beautiful!!

xx Sam

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