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Bachelorette Survival Kit

Happy Happy New Year!  I honestly haven’t posted in awhile that it took me awhile to navigate my own webpage!  Lol!  That’s not good, is it??  Well, I’m back after a tough 2016 and it is time to get back into the swing of things.  What better way to start it off than a  party favour (because who doesn’t like party favours, am I right?? or rather.. who doesn’t like parties???).  


Being old and all, my friends are starting to get married (and starting to  have babies).  I’ve been given the title of bridesmaid and have been tasked with the glorious task of getting us all back on our feet after nights of crazy drinking and partying, in Bali, no less.  



Now, let’s get on with it!  What to include in a Bachelorette’s Survival Kit or.. Hen’s Survival Kit..or what we’ve called.. the Oh Shit Kit!

Bachelor Survival Kit

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Glamourflage Daisy Delight Lip Balm

Hello all!  Sorry for the lack of posts on my blog.  I’ve been a little bit absent because I’ve been really really busy at work and been training for my karate competition and then I immediately jetted off to Malaysia for my holiday!


Well, it’s time to come out of hibernation even though winter is well and truly here!  The cold and dry weather is definitely different to the humidity and heat in Malaysia!  (you think??)  When Glamourflage Daisy Delight Lip balm was sent to me, I was pretty excited since my lips get really dry, particularly in winter.   Plus.. who doesn’t love an Australian made product??


Glamourflage Daisy Delight Lip Balm

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Lacura Eye Cream

Eye cream is pretty important and the most forgotten skin care step.  I’m reaching the big 3-0 and have now decided to step up my skin care routine, paying particular attention to the eyes since the skin around the eyes are thinner than the rest of the face.  Today, I’m reviewing an eye cream, Lacura Renew Eye Care Anti-wrinkle Q10, I picked up at Aldi along with the Lacura Face Mask.


Lacura Eye Cream

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Skin Allergies

I’ve had allergies ever since I was young!  Asthma, eczema etc etc.  Luckily the asthma went away.  Now, I’m just stuck with eczema (aka dermatitis).  Anything can trigger it – the “wrong” soap, the “wrong” shampoo, the “wrong” food.  Oh… poor me.. LOL!  I joke!  I shamelessly use it as an excuse to buy the good stuff, or rather, more stuff.  Recently, I’ve had a crazy bout of allergic reactions.  It’s been happening weekly, every Friday like clockwork since December.  I tried my hardest to figure it out but caved in to having an allergy test.  This post is about my allergy test and my allergies.


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Mario Badescu Skincare Aloe Vera Toner

Toners are meant to be used after face washing and before application of the moisturizer.  I’ve never really understood the purpose of using a toner until I actually started using it consistently.  Toners are meant to remove whatever gunk that is left on your face after washing/cleansing with a face wash/cleansing oil.  This includes the face wash/cleansing oil remnants.  Today, I’ll be talking about Mario Badescu Skincare Aloe Vera Toner which I’ve been using twice daily for the past month or so.

Mario Badescu Skincare Aloe Vera Toner

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