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Classic Smokey Eye

This look is my go-to for any occasion.  It is simple to do and everyone seems to be doing a smokey-eye tutorial.  The best part is, you can change up the colours (as long as you have a dark and a light) and you get something slightly different!  There are different ways of doing a smokey eye (i.e. each make-up artist has their own style) so it is up to you on how you apply the technique.

Here’s a video tutorial from one of my role models, Lisa Eldridge:

Lisa Eldridge Navy Smokey Eye Look

Have you done a smokey eye?  Did you find it easy after watching the tutorial?

Stay Beautiful!!

xx Sam

Dressing up for the Work Environment (for Women)

My work colleague recently went for a Styling Session Workshop.  Here are some tips she came back with:

  • Research the company you would like to work for and find out the accepted dress code.  Dressing professionally will open a lot of doors
  • Length of sleeves and pants are important.  The Jacket sleeve should end at the base of the thumb and the pants should end at the base of the heel or shoe (any longer will make you look sloppy)
  • The neck/head area is what gets noticed most in the office environment.  Therefore, your neckline, accessories, make up and hairstyle will get noticed
  • Skirts lengths should be 1cm above the knee and dress lengths should be 1cm below the knee
  • Blend your hosiery with the colour of your skirts and dresses to look slimmer and more professional.  Skin tone, black or opaques are all acceptable corporate looks.
  • Invest in a new bra every 6 months and get re-fitted.  Your outfit will look good
  • Make sure your nail polish colour blends in professionally and the peep toe is kept with a nice finish
  • Body language is important, so be careful with your handshake, eye contact and posture

Do note that these are just tips and hints my colleague took away from the workshop and are not my words.   However, I do agree with most of the points, in particular, the last one.  I might do a short list of my own some time in the future.  Remember, when you carry yourself with confidence, you will shine confidence.

Stay Beautiful!!

xx Sam

Hair of the Day – Messy Curly-Wurly Bun

I had an event to go to and why not use this chance to dress up! (no, I don’t dress up very often nor do I look presentable on most days).  Here’s my hair of the day: the messy curly-wurly bun.  I got this idea from watching a couple of youtube videos on hairstyles.  There are quite a few tutorials on YouTube and they would probably give you a better description than me!  Below pictures are taken at the end of a very long night.  Apologies for the bad pics, these were the best I had!

Messy Bun Pic 1

Messy Bun Pic 2

Messy Bun Pic 3

Here’s what I used:

  • Dry Shampoo
  • Hair curler
  • bobby pins (lots of them)
  • Hairspray
  • Bristle comb

Here’s what I did (note that I have medium to long hair):

  1. I took the top section of my hair in the middle of my head and split it into 3 sections on the top of my head (not lengthwise like making a braid but section them horizontally).
  2. I spray the back of each section with dry shampoo (to absorb any oil and prevent your hair from losing volume throughout the day) tease each section by back-combing the hair at the back of each section.  Start with the section closest to your forehead and let the section droop forward once you’re done with it.  This makes it easier to work on the sections behind it.
  3. Curl the bottom half of your hair
  4. Bring all your hair in a lose ponytail.  Make sure you don’t flatten the volume on the top of your head.
  5. Start taking each lock of curl and curling it around your finger to create one loose “ring”.
  6. Put the “ringlet” into place using a bobby pin around the hair tie to hide it.  You just have to clip one side of it so that the “ringlet” gives some volume to the bum.  Try to keep the bobby pins hidden (see my above pics, don’t look too nice when they’re showing!).
  7. You can randomly pin the hair around the hair tie and do not have to be neat about it as you’re trying to achieve a messy bun.
  8. Once all the hair is pinned away, adjust as necessary to make it look like it has more volume or to hide any of those stray pins.
  9. When you’re happy with it, spray with hairspray liberally to keep it in place.

And that’s it!  Easy as pie!  Let me know if you would like me to have more descriptions in my next hairstyle review.  Thanks for reading!!

Stay Beautiful!

xx Sam