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Acne and Allergies – oh no…

I have adult on-set acne.  What happens when you combine it with an allergic reaction which affects the skin on your face? DISASTER!!!

I am currently trying to control my acne using a product that was prescribed by my doctor.  Just the other day, I ate something I was allergic to and lo-and-behold, my face became itchy, red and slightly swollen.  A few hours later, my skin started shedding!!!!  I was shocked at how bad my allergies were affecting my skin, especially since it was just on my face.  I immediately had to take anti-histamines in hopes that this would stop my skin from getting worse.

What does my face look like now?  There are red patches where there are pimples and there are red patches where I have bad allergies.  This means I have red patches on my eyelids,  around my lips, even eyebrows.  Let’s not forget the non-stop shedding around areas where there are really bad allergies like my eyebrows and lips.

I have stopped applying any lotions or acne products and have replaced this with eczema cream.  Have any of you experienced this?  What products did you use to help calm down the skin?

Stay Beautiful!!

xx Sam

Welcome to Beauty Savior!

Ahhh, my first post.. Let’s give a little spill of who I am.

Welcome! I’m Samantha, the author of this website! I am located in Sydney, Australia.

What is Beauty Savior about?


There will be product reviews, shopping website reviews, fashion, make up looks, the occasional spill about food and television shows.  Anything and everything related to beauty!  I mean, how else would you be able to look beautiful if you didn’t eat right and de-stress?  Yes, I call watching television de-stressing.  Some others just call it a waste of time.  😉

All my opinions and reviews are honest and personal.   I am a novice author in this industry and all products are purchased on my own.

Follow me to hear the adventures in my trials and tribulations of the world of beauty…