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Back at blogging?

It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged.   There’s been a lot that has happened.  More importantly, dealing with one of the side effects from my Roaccutane journey – depression.  You can read all about it here.  Depression has been a thing I’ve been trying to deal with lately.  That probably explains the lack of posts as I have been finding it extremely hard to function at 100% and unfortunately, this blog was one of the balls which I could not manage to keep juggling and have let slide.


As I have slowly gotten my life back in order (and am still trying to), it is time I start to contribute more time to things that used to make me happy!  So, yes, I will try to keep this blog as updated as I can.  The ideas are slowly trickling back, so expect to see more looks and reviews on this blog.  I’m also reconsidering the direction of this blog as my life and perspective of life has changed and I’m trying to adapt.


I’ve been exercising a lot (ridiculous amounts, 2-3 times a day at high intensity) to cope with the depression.  As much as I don’t understand depression, despite me going through it, I noticed that exercise is one thing that helps me with my focus and keeps me going.   So, maybe I’ll start introducing it into my blog. 


Keep a lookout for more posts!


Stay Beautiful!!

xx Sam

Bachelorette Survival Kit

Happy Happy New Year!  I honestly haven’t posted in awhile that it took me awhile to navigate my own webpage!  Lol!  That’s not good, is it??  Well, I’m back after a tough 2016 and it is time to get back into the swing of things.  What better way to start it off than a  party favour (because who doesn’t like party favours, am I right?? or rather.. who doesn’t like parties???).  


Being old and all, my friends are starting to get married (and starting to  have babies).  I’ve been given the title of bridesmaid and have been tasked with the glorious task of getting us all back on our feet after nights of crazy drinking and partying, in Bali, no less.  



Now, let’s get on with it!  What to include in a Bachelorette’s Survival Kit or.. Hen’s Survival Kit..or what we’ve called.. the Oh Shit Kit!

Bachelor Survival Kit

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Lacura Face Mask

There are plenty of face masks out in the market – healing masks, hydration masks, clay masks, etc.  The masks I love to use are the clay masks because it tames my oily skin and draws out my impurities.  I use my clay mask only once a week because of my sensitive skin but I do feel the great effects of a good clay mask.  Today’s review will be on a clay mask purchased from Aldi, Lacura Face Mask.

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Karate competition!

This post isn’t exactly beauty related but it is something I’m proud of.. (like this blog).  Therefore, I thought I should create a short blog post about it!  This post is about something I did over the weekend.  I took part in a karate competition over the weekend.  I haven’t been training over the past couple of years due to a lot of excuses.  This year, I have decided to put those excuses aside and get back into it.  I guess a competition is a way to make a “bang” back into the sport I love!


Apologies for the picture quality as it was taken with my mobile phone!
Apologies for the picture quality as it was taken with my mobile phone!

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Cetaphil Suntivity Repair Liposomal Lotion Body & Face Review

Summer in Sydney can be the best in the world with great weather and lovely sunshine.  Even in winter, the sun shines nice and bright!  Unfortunately, there is a down-side.  The sun shines so brightly, it stings the skin when out too long!  Australia is the only country I’ve been where the sun shines so harshly.  That’s why sun protection is important.  But.. what about your skin after sun exposure?  It needs just as much loving after sun exposure!  Today I’ll be reviewing a product specifically for car after sun exposure – Cetaphil Suntivity Repair Liposomal Lotion.

Cetaphil Suntivity

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