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Proactive Plus System with Oil-Free Moisturiser

My friend who had cystic acne used this and was raving about this.  So, I decided to try it out too.

ProActive Plus System with Oil-Free Moisturiser

There was a promotion for the one month supply on television and I jumped online and ordered myself a set.  There are a lot of promotions going around so don’t worry if you missed out on one of the one-month offers.  One thing to note is that, once you sign up for the one month promotion online, you automatically get signed up for ever and they will keep sending you the packages until you call up to stop/quit their program.

On the plus side, ProActive has a 60 day guarantee.  So, if you’re not happy, you can send it back.  However, you do have to pay for postage.  So if you were not happy with the one month trial package, call them up ASAP to stop the program or you will have to pay for the postage back.  You can arrange with ProActive for the package to be sent a maximum of 5 months later instead of every 2-3 months.

Here’s how I found the product.  When I first tried the one month trial package, my skin started flaking in the first 2 weeks to a month.  The flaking was not painful like my experience with Clinique.  It then started to settle down slowly but I had to buy other ProActive products.  I felt that it did take a while to have an effect.  The ad mentioned 7 days to take effect but it took nearly 3 weeks.  I personally cannot tell if the ProActive was 100% the reason my acne started to settle down a little because about that time, I changed my diet.

After the end of one month, I still had plenty left.  I did walk up to the ProActive Counter to ask about the products I bought online.  The salesperson at the counter mentioned that I had bought the wrong products and it’s causing my skin to flake.   She also  mentioned was that the online store was not related to the set-up stores, so you can’t refund anything you bought online at the stores.  That is one thing I personally do not understand as they are the same brand!

One important thing to note is that when using ProActive it did fade my towels.  Not too good, is it?


I personally did not feel that ProActive did much for my Adult On-Set Acne even after using the 3-step system for 3 months straight.  I still have  a fair amount of acne and scars on my face  that did not change in amount after it settled down a little.  I have stopped using ProActive and my acne is still about the same as when I was using it.  Everyone’s skin is different, so it may or may not work for you.

Where to buy:

ProActive Set-up Stores or online


AUD$39.98 (includes Postage and handling) for one month supply (remember to watch out for those deals, as you might score some extra stuff)

Stay Beautiful!!

xx Sam

Spot Treatments (4th post in the Acne Series)

Acne can be a problem, what better way to treat it than spot treatments!

Here are the spot treatments I used:

Origins Spot Remover – Anti Blemish Treatment Gel

Origins Anti-Blemish Spot Treatment

I bought this in early/mid 2011 and the formulation has now changed so, I cannot comment on the new formulation.  The formulation I bought in 2011 is of a thick gel like formulation.  It also has a very strong minty-like smell (something like tea tree oil)  This product is only used as a spot treatment, meaning, you do have to dab a little bit of product on the spot/pimple using a cotton tip.  This product worked at the beginning.  The pimples dried up slightly and it healed faster than usual.  After awhile, I felt that this product lost its efficiency.  This could be a number of external effects because my acne became worse and became more resistant.  You do have to be careful in closing the bottle as the gel formulation gets thicker and thicker as time goes by or when exposed to air at long periods of time.  I went through this product very sparingly and it did finish very quickly.  I personally found that a little dab did not heal it as fast.

Where to buy:

Kit Cosmetics counter at Myer, online


10ml for AUD$25

Benzac AC 2.5%

Benzac AC 2.5%

This product is widely recommended by various dermatologists.  It does come in 3 different strengths, 2.5%, 5% and 10%.  As tempting as it may be to try and get rid of the acne, it is very highly recommended to try and start of with the lowest strengths.  It is a cream-like product and does not have a smell.  It goes on smoothly and absorbs very quickly.  Contrary to the title of this post, it does not act as a spot treatment.  You are to spread a very thin layer of this product on the affected area, example, cheeks.  This product with the 2.5% strength does not really dry out my skin but I only applied it at night.  It did slightly reduce the amount of acne on my face.  I did not finish this product as I was bouncing from product to product.

Where to buy:

Any pharmacy (Priceline, Chemist Warehouse etc)


50g for AUD$15.99


Each product will react differently for each person.  So, just because it did not work for me 100%, it does not mean that it will not work for you.  It also is recommended to stick to just one product at a time then mix all the products up, like me.  You have to patient with acne.  Sometimes, you just have to relax and not think about it.  Stress can cause flare-ups.  Acne can be frustrating.  Follow me to find out how I dealt and controlled my acne.

Have you used any of these products before?

Stay beautiful!

xx Sam

Other face wash I used for my Acne (3rd post in the Acne Series)

This post will be about the other random products that I have tried to help manage my acne.

Kiehl’s Blue Herbal Cleanser

Kiehl's Blue Herbal Cleanser

This product contains 1.5% salicylic acid for the treatment for acne.  The product is fairly liquid as opposed to a thick gel and it is bright blue.  The product smells slightly herbal/minty and froths up very well.  I personally did not find that this product did anything for my acne as I did not see any difference in the amount of pimples I had ( I still had the same amount of acne come and go).  It is, however, a pretty good cleanser as after the wash, the face feels fresh.  I do like the slightly tingly minty feeling when I am washing my face.


I would not buy this product again just because it did not do what it was meant to do, reduce the acne.  However, I do like their concept where the more people whom buy their products, the more they will lower their prices.

Where to buy:

Myer, David Jones, online


250ml at $36

St-Ives Green Tea Scrub

St.Ives Naturally Clear Green Tea Scrub

This cleanser is marketed to clear breakout & Soothe skin.  I absolutely love the smell of this cleanser.  I usually use this cleanser when I feel that my skin needs an absolute scrubbing, usually about once a week.  NO, you’re not supposed to scrub the skin off your face but YES, you are supposed to take dirt off your face.  When using this product, the granules are fairly big and rough as compared to other brands.  The particulates are slightly smoother than the St.Ives Apricot Scrub – Blemish Fighting.  I have had instances when the granules went into my eye whilst I was rinsing the product off my face.  It is difficult to get the granule out of the eye!!  This product did not make any difference to the amount of pimples on my face but I did feel that my skin was much smoother, especially since I sometimes have flaking skin from the pimple treatment.  It does have 1% salicylic acid meant for treatment of acne. I have been using this product for the past 6 months and I still have more than half of the product left.


For the price, it makes a pretty good exfoliator (be careful on how hard you exfoliate as it can make you breakout more).  As it did not make any difference for the acne, I would possibly buy this product again because of its exfoliating purpose.

Where to buy:

Coles, Woolworths, pharmacies (Priceline, Amcal, Cincottas, Chemist Warehouse etc)


150ml for AUD$9.99

Origins Perfect World Antioxidant Cleanser with White Tea

Origins (A Perfect World) Antioxidant Cleanser with White Tea

This cleanser has a very nice flowery/tea smell.  It has a creamy texture and when lathered up, very creamy and smooth feeling.  I love this cleanser because it leaves my face feeling fresh and clean.  This cleanser is not specifically for acne skin but the Origins salesperson had recommended it just to soothe the irritated skin.  It has definitely left my skin much more relaxed.  After washing my face, the skin does not feel stretched as though it’s been completely stripped of all oils.  (natural oils are good for your skin so it is a good idea not to take all of it off.)


This cleanser is very soothing for me and I love the thick creamy texture.  I also love the smell of this cleanser.  I would buy this cleanser again.

Where to buy:

Myer, David Jones, Online


150ml for AUD$43.00

Stay Beautiful!!

xx Sam

The first product I used for my acne (2nd post of the acne series)

Clinique 3 step system

I had read reviews that this had worked for people. The salesperson was giving me a lot of information on how my skin was oily after going through the fancy little skin definition tool on their counter. She also said that Clinique only made products for sensitive skin and I do have sensitive skin. After giving me her sales pitch for half an hour, I was sold.

On the first 2-3 days, my skin did not react to the wash and moisturizer, although the toner stung my skin every time it was used. In day 4-5, my skin started to dry out rapidly. I thought that this was a good thing because it was starting to dry out the pimples. On day 6, my skin was shedding and the skin was so sensitized that it hurt every time I touch it or put any product on it. This was when I finally had the brains to stop using the product! My skin took roughly about a month or 2 to heal after that. I could not use any other product on my face, not even a simple moisturizer.

I took the products back to the counter and was pleasantly surprised when the lady said I could return it even after using it for 7 days (probably because she saw my red face with skin falling off my face). Sorry, unfortunately I do not have any pictures here.

This 3-step program was not suitable for me. There are other reviews which states that it had worked wonders for them. It all depends on your skin and it is advisable to know what is in the product as well as what you are sensitive to. In Australia, you can go to the doctors and request for a skin prick test. I have not personally done it.

Where to get this:

Myer, David Jones, Amcal Pharmacy (selected few), online

Price (as at 27May2012):

AUD $139 for the 200ml Toner

AUD$155 for the 400ml Toner

Stay Beautiful!!

xx Sam

The start of the adult on-set acne (first post of the acne series)

I have always had clear, combination skin till about 1 year ago when a giant spot appeared on my cheek and refused to go away. That was the start of my adult on-set acne. Each spot took months to heal and left scars and dark spots. As time went on, it got worse and worse (as compared to previously).

I was not aware I had adult on-set acne until my massive spot on my check duplicated. The spots were not the typical pus-filled spots (although there was the occasional ones) but the ones under the skin where it grew bigger and bigger and then happily discoloured the skin. These could not be squeezed out and you just had to ride it out. Some of the spots turned out to be two pimples very close to each other, some even joining at the edges!

Now, the first reaction is to squeeze. Everyone tells you not to squeeze or touch it. I, after a hard lesson learnt, agree. I squeezed and squeezed but the pimple did not give way. I did this every day. The result? A massive hole in my face the size of a crater. So, whatever you do, people…DO NOT SQUEEZE THAT ZIT!! of course, if the pimple is about to bust, I say, Why not? Just make sure your hands are thoroughly sanitized and make sure you wrap your fingers with a clean tissue. There is always germs under the fingernails and the tissue also helps cushion your skin from the sharp edges and pressure of the nail.  And… don’t touch your face unless absolutely necessary!

Below are pictures of my skin, one taken pre-acne (early 2011), the other taken during acne (early 2012).  The picture with the acne does not do the pimpled face any justice but if you look closely, the face is not smooth, slightly discoloured  and the whole face is filled with spots.  Both are taken without makeup.

Keep reading my next posts for more on my acne journey..

Stay beautiful! xx

Face pre-acne (early 2011)

Face during acne (taken March 2012)