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Ben Nye Creme Rouge Wheel

Do you love it when products serve a dual purpose?  Actually, there are a lot of things that can serve dual purposes.  For example, mascaras can be used as liquid eyeliner and vice versa, eyeshadows can be used as a contour, lipsticks can be used as blushes.  Well, today, I’ll be talking about Ben Nye Creme Rouge Wheel, a product that can be used as both a lip and cheek product.


The Ben Nye Creme Rouge Wheel comes in a packaging with 6 different colours.  Although there are only 6 colours, you can always mix the colours to get the desired colour for your look.


Pigmentation of this palette is fantastic, just a tiny bit of this goes an extremely long way, especially when you are using it as a blush.  It is also long lasting.  At the end of the day, the blush is still on my cheeks (good as new).  As a lip product, it may not last after your meal but the product is not drying on the lips.


Here’s a cool video of how Ben Nye makeup is made in the US!  (This video is not mine.)



Picture time!

Ben Nye Creme Rouge Wheel

Ben Nye Creme Rouge Wheel

Ben Nye Creme Rouge Wheel



Ben Nye Creme Rouge Palette is a fantastic product that serves great as both a cheek and lip product.  It is a great price for this much product.


AUD$28 for 28g

Where to buy:

Scotty’s Makeup (Australian), CRC Makeup (US)


Have you used any one of Ben Nye’s products?


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