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Acne Update 1.5 years later…

One step forward, 10 steps back.  That summarizes my acne update! LOL!  One sentence.  In all seriousness, I thought my adult on-set acne was all done and dusted but after more than a year making quarterly visits to the dermatologist, it has made a come-back.  I blame my allergies!  If you haven’t read my last post about my skin allergies, go read it!  Go!


My skin allergies has now caused the lower half of my face to break out like before I went to the dermatologist to start the acne treatment.  It also made me break out a little on the forehead.


If you’d like to see my skin before, you can read the 6 month acne update here.  Here’s my skin now.

1.5 year acne update


I did go back to the dermatologist and he’s put me back on antibiotics.  Yuck!  That crap makes me feel sick every morning!  And I’m now using hydrocortisone on my face.  It’s to help clear all the inflamed/flaking skin.  Not to be whingy or anything but I can see the difference in care between the allergy specialist and the dermatologist.  For $300, the allergy specialist went through everything with me and spent 3 hours with me.  For $200, the dermatologist looked at my skin for 2 seconds (literally) and types on his computer for 5 minutes, prints out a script and shows me the door.  Tell me.. are all dermatologists like this??  One more thing, my dermatologist just told me not to use oil cleansers for my face.  Right.. I’ve been using this product for  more than 2 years, seeing my dermatologist for OVER a year..and he tells me this now??  #firstworldproblems


Anyway, let’s hope my skin gets better with this new regime (or lack thereof).


Stay Beautiful!!

xx Sam



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