Welcome to Beauty Savior! I’m Samantha, the author of this website and am located in Sydney, Australia.

What is Beauty Savior about?

Beauty.. well mostly 😉

There will be product reviews, shopping website reviews, fashion, make up looks, the occasional spill about food and television shows, maybe even exercise.  Anything and everything related to beauty!  I mean, how else would you be able to look beautiful if you didn’t eat right, de-stress and exercise?  Yes, I call watching television de-stressing.  Some others just call it a waste of time.  😉

How and when did I start my interest in Beauty and the likes, you ask… maybe around the time when my adult on-set acne hit and at around the same time, when my allergies hit the roof..  I have never had more than 1-2 pimples on my face when I was younger and now.. BOOM!  Come along with me on my journey to discover or re-discover products that makes us feel more beautiful!

All my opinions and reviews are honest and personal.   I am a novice author and all products are purchased on my own (unless otherwise stated).  I am also a budding make-up artist (keep a lookout on some upcoming looks! ;)).

Here’s a Get-to-know me post..

Feel free to contact me at beautysavior@gmail.com if you would like me to review any particular product or in regards to a make-over!  I love trying new products, giving my honest review and doing hair and make-up for you lovely ladies (or men)!

oh.. yeah..you can also find me on

Twitter: @beautysavior

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xx Sam