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6 month update: Acne and the prescriptions

Back to the acne update post.. How has my acne been fairing since I started going on the prescription medication for acne?

It is now 6 and a half months since I started using prescription medication for my acne.  It has improved dramatically…I have stop breaking out in cystic acne, although I still have the normal occasional breakout.  Each breakout now last about a week instead of a month or two.   I’ve gone to the dermatologist for a follow-up  check up.  He did not have very much to say except to briefly mention that the medication is starting to work and then proceeded to prescribe more antibiotics.  He did tell my that the I should not apply the creams too close to my nose/mouth as it makes the skin shed like crazy.

I’ve also started a new skincare regime which are products (serum, moisturizer etc) all from the same brand.  This has helped with my acne scar healing.

These are my before pictures..

Acne 4 month update
Before medication (left); 2 months in (middle); 4 months in (right)
6 month acne update
6 month in

Now, look how far I’ve come!

I’m hoping my skin will improve even more!

Stay Beautiful!!

xx Sam

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