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4 month update: Acne and the prescriptions

Wow, it’s been 4 months since I’ve been on the prescription acne medication.   My first 2 months were not really great.  It looks like I have some good news since I feel like the skin is improving.  It’s sometimes hard to tell until you compare the pictures, especially since I see myself in the mirror everyday.

So here’s what’s been happening… I’ve finally found the brand of antibiotics and a breakfast routine that does not get me sick from the antibiotics.  I’ve also been eating plenty of yoghurt and drinking probiotic drinks, although not frequently enough, so sometimes I still get tummy upsets.  I’m still suffering from massive dry and peeling lips.  Regardless of the amount of lip balm I put on, my lips and the surrounding area are constantly peeling.   Personally, it can get a little bit unsightly and it’s almost impossible to exfoliate everyday.  And on the occassion where I have eaten something wrong and my allergies on my face flares up, the dry patches of skin seem to linger for an extended amount of time.

Let’s get to the picture comparisons:

Acne 4 month update
Before medication (left), 2 month into medication (middle), 4 month into medication (right)

Sorry for the inconsistent colour of the pic.  I don’t seem to be able to get the setting right to get the same colour hue for my pictures.

What do you think?  On the road to recovery?  The skin looks really bad now, I’m hoping it is from my skin allergies and will heal soon.

Stay Beautiful!!

xx Sam

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