Saying Goodbye to 2014 Trends : Contouring

A couple of weeks ago, I did an eyebrow post of the trends of 2014.  I was meant to do another 2014 trend post the week after but came down with massive allergies which made the skin on my face swell and peel like there’s no tomorrow.  It went on for a few cycles, so I apologize for the late post! Today’s post will be a 2014 Contouring trend.   Contouring seemed to be all the craze in 2014, so I thought I would do a crazy contouring post to “celebrate” crazy contouring!


Google search of Contouring
Google search of Contouring


Contouring, when done properly can make enhance a person’s looks.  However, in 2014, there seemed to be excessive contouring and maybe contouring that doesn’t really make you look better!  Well, let’s get on it!


Excessive Contouring Before Blending
Excessive Contouring Before Blending

Like my penis nose?


Excessive Contouring after "Blending"
Excessive Contouring after “Blending”


What do you think of my crazy contouring?  Not crazy enough?


Stay Beautiful!!

xx Sam



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